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Boasting some of the most spectacular scenery in the country, Ha Giang is a beautiful area to define your ultimate mountain experiences in Vietnam.

This frontier area is home to magnificent karst mountains, remote villages and colorful markets.Ideas of what to do in Ha Giang are plenty and these are just some of the most highlighted activities proposed by our travel experts:


Trek in Hoang Su Phi
This is probably the best way to tackle Ha Giang. The rich landscapes of Hoang Su Phi amaze all visitors with weaving rice terraces, hidden waterfalls and untouched forests. Whether you take a day trip or a long trek, you will have chance to sample the region’s outstanding panorama. µ
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Visit Dong Van Market
Dong Van market takes place once a week on Sunday. Local villagers including ethnic minorities like Hmong, Tay, Nung, Hoa gather in their most colorful custom for a week shopping.  For exotic eyes, water buffalo, birds trading and many strange woods will be displayed at this market.


See Vuong Palace
Located in the tiny village of Sa Phin – 15km from Dong Van town, Vuong Palace reflects the long history of Hmong people in the best way. This 2 storey building was built by French hence its architect is really a heritage of the area.

Waterfall Hopings
The most notable waterfall is Thac Tien which hides itself inside a tropical forest. Du Gia fall is another popular spots that attracts adventurers for an adventure. Ha Giang has more unknown waterfall to offer, especially during the summer time.

Ride a motorbike along the remote roads
From Yen Minh to Meo Vac and further into the secluded townships, motor riders have wide range of routes from paved to dirt trails to challenge you.  Do not miss to spot the amazing valley from Ma Pi Leng Pass

 Ha Giang is now opening more and more responsible and sustainable tourism projects, we appreciate your support the local team to boost the local effort.


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