Cao Son - Vietnam

Deriving its name from the stunning magnificence of impressive landscapes, Cao Son is a vast wonder of largely undiscovered. Serenely beautiful and drammatically inspiring, this is a perfect destination whether you are looking for a real adventure or an authentic Vietnam experience.

Cao Son was first inhabited by highland tribes of Flower Hmong and Yao ( Dzao) groups as well as by a small number of Nung minorities. Nowadays, this is home to 5 ethnic groups included: Flower Hmong, Nung, Yao, Pazi and Kinh ( major Vietnamese).

It was only when the French people found this place in 1880s, Cao Son became the best place to observe the vista of Lao Cai province. The relics now in the area are: former observation point, Titan mountain, Tung Chung Sang mountain

Located 420km from Hanoi city and 80km from Lao Cai city, Cao Son features an ideal place for travellers who wish to enjoy the peace, green nature, colourful tribal culture and unrival local hospitality


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