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Vietnam has stunning nature and undoubtedly, there are many ways, activities to unearth this beauty without leaving the big impact on the environment. Mr. Hoang, one of the tour guides who have been working in the field for years releases some tips of where to go and what to do in the greenest way :


Trekking through remote Northeast Vietnam

While many places become touristic with lots of tourist tout, the striking Ha Giang, picturesque Cao Son or even some secluded terrains of Sapa hill station promises some unforgettable that last of a life time. These trekking adventures offers an insightful look into the local life as you encounter fascinating villages, awesome caves and astonishing mountain vistas. 
Our suggestion:
For who stick with the idea of exploring Sapa, check out Sapa Eco Trek. This tour encompasses the less visited loop inside Hoang Lien Son mountain range and out of the normal tourist track.
Spending 3 days trekking through karst mountain zone of Bac Ha, crossing pristine river and see Tay, Hmong hill tribes in their living space is always a brilliant choice.


Head to Phong Nha National Park

The fame of Son Doong Cave, the world largest cave lure thousands of visitors to Phong Nha Ke Bang national park, yet the land has not only that. Possibilities to go wild is endless.
Do not miss exploring Hang En or Hang Va, the sub-save of Son Doong which are filled with otherwordly inner landscape. For a short stay, cycle along Son river, plunge yourself into the blue water of Chay river or simply enjoy zipline adventure.

Nam Cat Tien is still a call

The south national park of Nam Cat Tien is listed amongst top choice for birding experts. If you are not there for bird watching, then spot the animal, walking through green tropical jungle would be very pleasant. Take at least 2 days and leave all the busy of the city behind for some great trek and camping experience. 


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