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With lush jungles that boast a huge variety of plants and animals, Vietnam offers adventure trips for every traveler.
Sapa: Climb Mount FansipanThe two-day hike to the top of this mountain isn’t for everyone. The trail can get extremely steep at times and the weather can be brutally cold. But the panoramic view at the top makes it all worthwhile. 
Ha Giang: Trek the mountainsThis remote province in northern Vietnam offers incredible limestone mountain scenery, as well as the chance to glimpse the lives of local ethnic minority people. 
Cao Bang: Brave the jungleWith pristine jungles, tall mountains, rivers and waterfalls, Cao Bang offers everything a nature lover could wish for. Don’t miss Ban Gioc Waterfall - the area’s most notable sight.
Cat Ba: Explore the islandSeveral ocean and terrestrial ecosystems merge together here, offering an unparalleled experience of biodiversity. Explore the untouched island interior as well as the surrounding bay. 
Cuc Phuong: Get in touch with natureThis national park offers an 18km trek through lush green forests as well as shorter jaunts. Camp at a Muong village and visit the Van Long nature reserve, where you can boat down a stream through green rice paddies and limestone caves.


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