Anlac Khe Ro Project
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anlac-projectAn Lac - Khe Ro Ecotourism Project
To preserve and protect the Khe Ro forest, GTV, an Italian NGO, since 2011, to develop a Community Based Eco-tourism (CBET) project in four villages of the An Lac community: Bieng village, Na O village, Dong Bay village and Moi village. 
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Cat Ba Langur Project
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To promote the survival of Cat Ba langurs in Vietnam More than half of Vietnam consists of hills and mountains up to 3000 m asl. Originally nearly the whole country was covered by forests but nowadays, with a human population reaching 80 million people - about 225 people/km²- , only about 10 % of the forests is left. This is one of the reasons why wild animals are so endangered. 
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Ecotourism projects
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