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vietnam-top-trekkingFrom jungle trails to national park, from natural reserved areas to the rugged mountain ranges, Vietnam features on of the best trekking destinations in Asia with variety of trekking trails. Either you are looking for a soft hiking adventure or a challenging trek, Vietnam always has something to offer.
This is the short list with brief guide showing you where to do trekking in Vietnam:

1. Sapa Vietnam
This mountainous hill station is not only famous for its rich history, faded colonial ruins but mostly for its breathtaking treks. Either you are looking for an easy hike or a very challenging trek, Sapa always has something to offer.
The region is so diverse that you can immediately find the beautiful changes in landscapes from one trekking route to another. Trekking with homestay also features cozy experience to understand the real local life of Black Hmong, Red Dao, Tay ethnic minorities. The more remote trek, the better you enjoy the mountain vistas and the friendliness of local.

2. Cuc Phuong national park and its surroundings
For those who fancy the jungle trails with amazing sceneries, Cuc Phuong national park should be their first choice. There are so many things to immerse for the trekking time here varying from early historic humain caves to hundred years old trees, secluded streams and natural pools.
Interestingly, the connection between the national park to  Ngoc Son reserved area or Pu Luong lush valley provides trekkers numerous cultural interaction where you are welcomed by smiling Thai, Muong tribes.

3. Ba Be lake
The biggest natural lake is voted one of the best places to delve into the nature with great combination of water and land. Here, you can take long trek to upper part of the lake or Nang river as well meandering along the rice terraces.
Other possibility for your trek is also to mingle with local people, get to know the life of Tay minorities and taste their special foods. 

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