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Cat Ba island is one of the most scenic parts of north Vietnam that eco-adventurers should visit. The area is home to picturesque ocean panorama, unique fishing villages and it offers some of the most eco friendly activities that you should expect:



Unlike Halong Bay, Cat Ba is more pristine and unspoiled for boat cruise and kayaking. Many of the islands here are less explored which is an ideal condition to navigate your kayak. Hidden caves, blue lagoons are still plenty while Van Hai village attracts your adventure by warm local welcomes.

Photo: Sayer and James - flickr.

Jungle Trek

If you are in the thirst of nature then head to Cat Ba national park where you can observe the monkeys, sneaking through shadaw paths and get lost in the green. The jungle trek in Cat Ba takes from half day to full day with some different options and different views. It is now one of the popular activities on the island and not expensive.
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Walk for a view

The most scenic point of the island locates on Canon Fort, a former military base. From this point, you can enjoy the panorama of many surrounding islands as well part of the city. To climb this mountain, it does not require much effort neither walking challenge, simply grab  a map then you will reach in shortly.

Biking in Cat Ba Island

There are fantastic road awaits your pedal in Cat Ba. Most of the time you will be riding along the coast which filled with photogenic views while some parts of island`s road network allows you to meet friendly local and soak up a little bit of culture. Stops for market or floating villages are some of the highlights as well.

A little bit of Local

For us, the best experience come from local and it is true in this case. Here are some suggestion to do your Cat Ba like a Vietnamese :
- Laze at a beach 
- Explore the famous fish market
- Attending a farm tour 
- Sleep on a floating village
- Volunteer as an English teacher !

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