Bho Hoong Bungalow
The five stilted bungalows in Bho Hoong village have been individually styled and each takes the name of an animal sacred to the Co Tu people. The immense skill and craftsmanship of the local people is much in evidence in the wood, rattan and thatch construction. Generations of working with natural materials have given the Co Tu people the ability to craft beautiful homes that also stand secure against what can be at times extremely harsh weather in this mountainous tropical region.Local artisans have lovingly carved, woven and painted the many decorative works adorning the bungalow interiors with each reflecting their unique culture and heritage. All bungalows have their own private balcony overlooking the peaceful Kon River, the perfect place to rest, read, contemplate and forget all your troubles.


Modern conveniences such as marble en suite bathrooms and comfortable mattresses with high quality linen have been added to suite Western tastes. The very high ceiling create an open and airy space. These creature comforts  combined with Co Tu artifacts create an atmosphere that is at the same time both exotic and familiar and shape a space where untroubled sleep in virtually guaranteed.
Double rooms feature a king sized bed while twin and triple rooms are available for friends and small families. Locally grown tea awaits people in their bungalow and our staff are on hand to cater to any request.

Your visit to this minority village also gives you the opportunity to swim in the pristine river or trek with a local Co Tu guide through the jungle. We cater to people of all tastes and lifestyles however and you can even join a traditional gong and dancing performance or simply relax in the tranquil surroundings. Excursions to nearby villages to witness weaving & wood carving are on offer. You can even try your hand at shooting a traditional Co Tu crossbow!

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