Anlac Khe Ro Project
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anlac-projectAn Lac - Khe Ro Ecotourism Project
To preserve and protect the Khe Ro forest, GTV, an Italian NGO, since 2011, to develop a Community Based Eco-tourism (CBET) project in four villages of the An Lac community: Bieng village, Na O village, Dong Bay village and Moi village. 

After 2 years, the project has achieved the goal of establishing a CBET system.
However, the system needs more support to achieve all objectives and really contribute to poverty reduction and climate change adaptation in the area. 
The promotion of the Khe Ro forest is an important component of the project. Through that it can raise awareness of its protection and a biodiversity survey on the forest has already been carried out in order to collect more information about the area.  

Why Ecotourism? 
Local or international non-government organisations (NGOs) with a commitment to environmental protection and fair trade/ livelhoods pair up with small communities to help them establish tourism operations. The goal of the projects is to start  a form oftourism that operates autonomously and is based on the work of  locals , as well as directing the success back to the local people to reinvest in their commuinities.
Tourism in this way benefits the local communities directly and gives independant travellers a unique experience of interacting with and understanding local minorities. Community based ecotourism provides an alternative form of sustainable income to the locals and protects the forest and the local cultures.
This way the local people remain included and become part of the solution which is an intrinsic part of both the success and preservation of the environement and local native cultures. 

The Trentino Voluntary Group (GTV) is an NGO located in Trento which works on international solidarity through development projects in Vietnam and the south eastern part of Asia. GTV is the organization that implemented the project. Trento Autonomous province Trento Autonomous province is the donor of the project.  

What are the  results of the project?
-    We have established a group and provided all necessary trainings for CBET
-    Development of local products: medicine herb and honey
-    Invested basic infrastructure for tourism: signs, rubbish bins, renovating the stilt house  (an important cultural heritage, the skills for which need to remain in the community for future times)
-    Raised the local awareness about hygiene, water sanitation and environment protection through communication campaigns. Most recently with extra support from Green heart/ CCi-Travel, for a rubbish and pollution education initiative, facilitated by CSDS, and implemented by key local people.
-          Carried out research into the planning and managing of Khe Ro forest.
-          Established a development fund for poor people so they can access the capital for production.


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